The Media Advertising Club of Chicago is the premiere forum of its type in Chicago. Its 800 plus members include television, radio and cable management and account executives, advertising agency media buyers, supervisors, planners and media directors, television and radio representative firms and clients, as well as numerous others from related fields.

The MAC offers industry professionals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the industry and network with their peers. Having recently celebrated over 50 years of serving the Chicago community, MAC shows no signs of slowing down as it continually grows and changes to meet the needs of its members in the ever-changing world of advertising.

MAC memberships also support the MAC College Intern Scholarship Program, MAC Charities Funds and the MAC Emergency Fund which provides temporary emergency financial assistance to members of the Chicago broadcast advertising community who have met with personal misfortune.

Our Intern Program offers students selected from a variety of colleges the opportunity to spend a summer learning different facets of the broadcasting business. Many interns have returned after graduation to become valuable members of the advertising arena in Chicago.

A series of Lunch-time Seminars are offered to our members annually. Each year topics vary to entice new and current members who want to further expand their growth and expertise.

Several social events held throughout the year allow members to meet and build relationships with each other and guests. MAC members attend and support seven social events that have built a traditional following in the Chicago advertising community. A St. Paddy’s Daze Party each March is now in it’s 21st year; in July the annual MAC Sports Day is in its 43rd year, and MAC’s Annual Holiday Party held each December is renowned as it prepares to celebrate its 52nd birthday. The newest additions to the MAC social events are Black Music Month Celebration, Cinco de Mayo, Gutter Bowl and the End of Summer Blast, all of which allows members to network with their peers and colleagues to build new relationships. MAC is Good for Business.

Each year the MAC selects a Person-of-the-Year. This award is usually presented at our November luncheon. The honoree selected is an individual who has achieved outstanding success and who has made significant contributions to the broadcast industry. Our criteria stipulate that the person must have worked, been educated or lived in the Chicago market area.

The outstanding MAC Luncheons highlight speakers from a variety of interest areas. The following luminaries are among the prominent personalities who have both educated and entertained members at luncheons or evening events.

The Mission:
To be THE CLUB that caters to the Chicago broadcast community. We offer professional, educational and social opportunities that enhance your knowledge of the industry, allow you to network with your peers and attend exciting social events.

MAC Seminars:
The MAC sponsors educational seminars on topics that are pertinent to the broadcast industry. Past seminar topics have included: When Traditional Means Run Out, Internet Marketing, Customer Service Strategies, State of Advertising in Chicago and it is All Part of the Mix-Niche Marketing.

The MAC offers students that meet specified requirements, the opportunity to join the broadcast side of the advertising business. Students selected from a variety of colleges and universities receive scholarships and first-hand experience in media, research, sales and promotion.